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As an experienced physiotherapist, I have many tools and services that will help you move better and improve your well-being. I treat all types of injuries: from everyday aches and pains to work and car related injuries, traumatic injuries, post operative and sports rehabilitation of all ages.
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Dedicated to helping you achieve your physical goals

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Receive 1-on-1 care from a highly skilled, knowledgeable and committed professional. I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your physical goals.
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Manual Therapy

Hands-on techniques used to restore mobility and improve the biomechanics around surrounding joints and tissues.

Dry Needling

IMS has been proven clinically effective and safe treatment of acute and chronic pain.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body.

Female Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Improve the strength of pelvic floor muscles & alleviate pain, weakness and dysfunction in the muscles.

Visceral Manipulation

By using precisely directed force in specific areas, visceral manipulation helps improve the body’s own forces & functions.


Electrical stimulation helps reduce swelling, increase circulation, and speed up wound healing.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Bio-magnetic therapy can help control pain, stop infections, heal bones & scar tissue, as well as aid the rejuvenation of cells.

ICBC/Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery

Expert at treating whiplash, concussion & back pain associated with motor vehicle collisions.

Post and Pre-surgical Rehabilitation

Post & Pre-surgical rehabilitation is one of the best ways to ensure a positive outcome after surgery.

Nicole is a European trained physiotherapist with more than 15 years of international experience, whose love of Vancouver’s beauty brought her here to stay. Her primary methods of treatment are a combination of acupuncture, IMS, movement therapy and manual techniques to support her patients on their path to recovery.
Nicole’s long held passion as a physiotherapist is to treat her patients as a whole, taking physical, emotional and also spiritual well being into consideration.
This compassion and interest comes from her extensive experience treating patients with complex pain syndromes and pain disorders who were previously on a difficult path to find the right care.
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